G. Penelis – Internatiol Symposium on Concrete and Masonry Structures

N-id: 0696 Κατηγορία: Σελίδες: 384 Σχήμα: 17 x 24 Xρονολογία: 2000 ISBN: 960-431-655-9 Εκδόσεις: AΠΘ, Tμήμα Πολιτικών Mηχανικών

This proceedings volume, including a total of 30 papers, is the outcome of the symposium and it is intended that it have a worldwide distribution. It should be conceived as a small gesture of gratitude from Prof. Penelis’ students to their teacher, for all he has done for them, as well as for thousands of students at the Aristotle University. On behalf of all of them we would like to wish him many more years of contribution to the academic and engineering communities.

Design and assessment of R/C structures

  • Anastasiadis, K, Avramidis, IE, and Morfidis, K: Full and partial antiseismic protection of buildings – proposal for a new design concept
  • Athanassiadou, CJ: Seismic behaviour of R/C buildings during the 7-9-1999 Athens earthquake
  • Elnashai, AS: Advanced inelastic static (pushover) analysis for seismic design and assessment
  • Fardis, MN: Current developments and Prospects for Eurocode 8
  • Kappos, AJ: Feasibility of using advanced analytical tools in the seismic design of R/C structures
  • Papadopoulos, PG: Comparison of codes and truss model requirements for confinement
  • Pinto, PE and Panagiotakos, TB: Design forces for seismically isolated RC buildings
  • Sarigiannis, D: Earthquake risk management in Greece during the last 20 years
  • Tegos, IA: A proposition for the improvement of earthquake resistance in multi-span concrete bridges

Modelling of R/C members and buildings

  • Doudoumis, IN and Paraskevopoulos, EA: Comparisons on the hysteretic behaviour of analytical macromodels for infill panels
  • Economou, CM and Karayannis, CG: A Smeared Crack Model for the Torsional Behaviour of Concrete
  • Mitsopoulou, E , Paschalidis, V and Charalambakis, N: Seismic interaction between adjacent buildings of unequal height
  • Papadopoulos, PK: Seismic damage index for reinforced concrete buildings
  • Perdikaris, PC: Interrelation of punching in RC slabs and instability
  • Talaslidis, DG and Tokatlidis, AC: Nonlinear finite element analysis of R/C shells

Experimental investigation of R/C materials and structures

  • Bouwkamp, JG: A ductile steel eccentrically braced system as seismic retrofit for brick-masonry infilled concrete frames
  • Liaris, NI: Supersulphated lime-magnesia pozzolanic cements
  • Manolis, GD: A study on the dynamics of concrete plates reinforced with polypropylene fibers
  • Papanikolaou, K: Shear reinforcement for strength and ductility of R/C flat plates
  • Salonikios, T: Inelastic behavior of R/C walls subjected to seismic loads for high ductility level
  • Tsonos, AG: Seismic rehabilitation of reinforced concrete joints by the removal and replacement technique
  • Valiasis, TN: Infilled R/C frames – The infill wall and its interaction with the frame
  • Zararis, PD and Papadakis, GC: Mechanism of shear failure in R/C beams without web reinforcement

Behaviour of masonry structures and monuments

  • Binda, L, Anzani, A and Mirabella Roberti, G: Tall and massive ancient masonry buildings: long term effects of loading
  • Ignatakis, CE: Mechanical behaviour of Roman masonry: Numerical parametric investigation
  • Karaveziroglou, M and Stavrakakis, E: On the analysis of stone arc bridges
  • Manos, GC, et al.: The earthquake performance of partially reinforced masonry piers subjected to horizontal cyclic loading
  • Papayanni, I: Design of compatible repair materials for consolidation and restoration of monuments
  • Stylianidis, KC: Strengthening of the minaret of Rotunda in Thessaloniki
  • Tassios, TP and Psilla, N: Analytical modelling of reinforced masonry cantilever walls