Analysis and Modeling of Manufacturing Systems

Second Aegean International Conference. May 16-20, 1999. Tinos Island, Greece.

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The success of a conference depends on those who contribute papers and on those who attend the meetings and participate in the discussions. We have a wide range of papers on production line, inventory system, extended enterprise and logistics analysis and modelling. The Organising Committee is very grateful to the authors for submitting papers of such high quality to the Conference. Special words of thanks are due to a very eminent and busy person for honouring us by agreeing to undertake a very important task for the Conference. I refer to Professor Buzacott, Canada our keynote speaker at the Opening of the Conference.
In addition to the papers being presented a full day is devoted to the analysis of four industrial themes which have been submitted by the sponsoring companies. I am very grateful to Professors Tayfur Altiok, Mitchell Burman, Stefan Helber and Henk Zijm for agreeing to act as leaders in the discussion on these industrial cases.