Teaching foreign languages for specific purposes: a trend or a demand?

Proceedings 1st ESP Conference in Kavala | Πρακτικά Συνεδρίου | Η διδασκαλία ξένων γλωσσών για ειδικούς σκοπούς: σύγχρονη τάση ή επιτακτική ανάγκη; | 1ο Συνέδριο ESP στην Καβάλα

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This volume contains 27 papers presented at the two-day conference on «Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes: a Trend or a Demand?» held at the TEI of Kavala, Greece on June 5 &6 2004.
This is the first time that the Foreign Language Centre has organized this conference with the purpose to bring colleagues together and disseminate information and experiences in ESP/LSP, which is considered a major discipline in the ELT field.
The organizing committee would like to thank all the speakers and participants who contributed to the success of the conference. We would also like to thank the following sponsors whose financial assistance was valuable:

Contents -– Περιεχόμενα

  • Modality: Its functions and relevance in ESP
    Vassiliki Rizomilioti
  • English for Specific and Academic Purposes – a trendy demand? Orientations in ESP/EAP research, with a critical perspective on the Greek situation
    Nicos C. Sifakis
  • Language Teaching, Language Learning: Current Trends and Practices
    Ypsilandis G.S.
  • Πολυμεσικές Βάσεις Δεδομένων: Εφαρμογές και χρήσεις τους σε ηλεκτρονικά περιβάλλονταγλωσσικής διδασκαλίας
    Παναγιώτης Αρβανίτης
  • Stepping towards a holistic approach of a learner-centred ESP programme for TEE students
    Christine Bademi
  • Teaching critical reading and evaluation skills for www resources in an ESP class
    Smaragda Christidou – Kiosseoglou
  • Participants and the obstacles to participation to group work
    Sophia Christidou
  • Integrating a communicative approach to the teaching of ESP strategies and skills to police officers
    Dorothy Chrisohoidis
  • Teaching ESP in mixed – ability classes: A curse or a blessing?
    Doxa Dafni
  • Strategies of vocabulary teaching for students of the school of agricultural technology at the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki
    Dimitra Kairaklidou – Giakoystidou
  • Dealing with middle frequency vocabulary in academic texts: A Levels Test
    Penelope Kambaki – Vougioukli
  • Foreign language speaking anxiety: A research into university students
    Chrissie Karakitsou
  • The transition from Lecturer to Teacher to Facilitator within an ESP context
    Ioannis Karras
  • The grammar of lease contracts
    Eleni Kassapi, Maria Myronidou, Sophia Christidou, Lia Filippatu
  • Chrisanthe Lioliou TEI of Thessaloniki
    Lioliou Chrisanthe
  • Η ιστορική διάσταση της διδασκαλίας των αγγλικών («Γενικών» και «Ειδικών») στο ελληνικό δημόσιο σχολείο
    Μαλιβίτση Ζωή
  • Αn ESP needs analysis questionnaire
    Maria Mattheou
  • English language proficiency tests for specific purposes in Greece
    Anna Mouti
  • Εικονικά περιβάλλοντα μάθησης και γλωσσικές εφαρμογές
    Παναγιώτης Παναγιωτίδης
  • Teaching paragraph organization skills at the tertiary institute level
    E. Panourgia, F. Perdiki, A. Panourgia
  • Teaching English to Environmental studies students
    Marina Pappa
  • Language teaching to merchants and commercial representatives-Needs analysis
    Anastasia Pasia
  • The effectiveness of video-based teaching in developing listening comprehension in ESP
    Patelis Nikolaos
  • Αξιολόγηση Γλωσσομάθειας για ειδικούς σκοπούς: Η περίπτωση της Ιταλικής γλώσσας
    Σκρεμμύδα Β. Νικολίτσα
  • Teaching English for Specific Purposes at an academic level
    Touplikioti Sophia
  • Exploring the potential of content-based instruction in medical ESP through Internet-projects
    Tsialis Apostolos
  • Η χρήση της αγγλικής ως ξένης γλώσσας σε μαθήματα εικονικών τάξεων
    Στέλλα Τζωρτζίδου
  • Emerging Traditions in an ESP Environment: The Modified Curriculum Approach
    Zafiri – Tsoumalakou M., Gogou M.