1st International Conference of Manufacturing Engineering (ICMEN) – Proceedings and EUREKA Partnering Event

N-id: 0902 Κατηγορία: Σελίδες: 880 Σχήμα: 17 x 24 Xρονολογία: 2002 ISBN: 960-431-811-X Εκδόσεις: EUREKA - Μπουζάκης

Forward: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil K.-D. Bouzakis – Director of ΕΕΔΜ – President of the Organizing Committee
Manufacturing technology diachronically touches almost every aspect of the daily life. Thus its important that latest advances reach the members of the scientific and industrial society as quickly as possible. Serving this target, the scope of the 1st International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering (ICMEN) embraces the state of the art and future trends in Manufacturing Engineering research and development, emphasizing on the industrial applications, encouraging the international collaborations as well.
It’s a great privilege and honor for the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Manufacturing Engineering (EEΔΜ) of the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki, on behalf of the Hellenic EUREKA office, to organize this conference. In ICMEN, research activities results elaborated in the frame of the EUREKA umbrella “FACTORY” as well as in various scientific Institutions, Companies and in (ΕΕΔΜ) will be presented.
The EUREKA partnering event, organized at the end of this Conference aims to stimulate collaborations between Research Institutions and Industry towards the creation of projects in the frame of EUREKA, for the development of innovative products and services.

Plenary Session
Session on Cutting
Session on Grinding
Session on Manufacturing Systems and process planning
Session on CAM systems, concurrent engineering and rapid prototyping
Session on Coatings and other Materials characterization
Session on Tribology and lubricants
Session on Casting and Thixo Forming
Session on Forming
Session on Lasers in manufacturing and Electro Discharge Machining
Session on Machines, devices, bearings and Robotics