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Summer School on “Advanced Materials for Industrial Applications”

Proceedings | Kavala - Greece | June 20-27, 1999

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Organized by
The Graduate Program “Physics of Materials” and Department of Physics Section of Solid State Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Plenary Talk

  • “The mechanism of diffusionless transformations in metallic and protein crystals” (invited talk)
    R. C. Pond, T. Nixon

1. Magnetic and Superconducting Materials

  • “Rare earth magnets for high temperature applications” (invited talk)
    G. C. Hadjipanayis, Z. Chen, W. Tang
  • “CoPt and FePt thin films for high density recording media”
    J. A. Christodulides, Y. Zhang, G. C. Hadjipanayis, I. Panagiotopoulos, S. Stavroyiannis, D. Niarchos
  • “Crystal structure of non-stoichiometric b” K-Ba-Na mixed ferrite, K0.30Na0.62Ba0.62Fe10.44Mg0.29O17″
    C. Stergiou, D. K. Gioureli, D. Samaras, G. Litsardakis
  • “High field magnetization study and analysis of magnetic interactions in Dy(Fe,V)9.66 with disordered CaCu5-type structure and Dy2Fe17-xGax compounds”
    N. Sheloudko, A. Gilewski, M. Gjoka, V. Phsycharis, O. Kalogirou, J. S. Mu_oz, V. Skumryev
  • “Electronic structure and magnetism of small clusters of atoms”
    X. Zianni, K. N. Trohidou
  • “Study of the electronic and magnetic structure of the RbaCuTO5+y perovskites”
    A. Tzavellas, K. N. Trohidou
  • “Photoacoustic wave monitoring for investigations of the interaction of laser pulses with materials ”
    D. Dogas, T. Efthimiopoulos, C. Andreouli, M. Chambell

2. Micro- and Opto-electronic Materials

  • “High resolution electron microscopy of advanced materials” (invited talk)
    G. Nouet, P. Ruterana, V. Potin
  • “Current status of SiC materials for advanced microelectronics and industrial sensor applications” (invited talk)
    J. Camassel, N. Planes
  • “Chlorofluorocarbon-free plasma technology in the high-tech industry” (invited talk)
    Y. Kuo
  • “Polycrystalline silicon thin films for the flat panel displays and solar cell applications” – abstract- (invited talk)
    M. Hatalis
  • “Epitaxial growth and properties of the III-V nitrides” – abstract- (invited talk)
    T. D. Moustakas
  • “Effects of hydrogenation in pseudomorphic HEMT structures”
    S. Mikroulis, M. Lagadas, M. Androulidaki, M. Kayiambaki, K. Michelakis, Z. Hatzopoulos, E. C. Paloura, J. Kalomiros
  • “Copper growth on 6HsiC(0001)”
    G. Dontas, S. Ladas, S. Kennou
  • “Changing the density of states and the magnetoresistance of double heterojunctions by an in-plane magnetic field”
    V. Piazza, C. D. Simserides, W. Wegscheider, F. Beltram
  • “Real-time multi wavelength ellipsometry diagnostics for monitoring dry cleaning of Si wafers and TiNx deposition”
    V. G. Kechagias, M. Gioti, S. Logothetidis, R. Benferhat, D. Teer
  • “Preparation of b-FeSi2 phase by solid state reaction”
    V. Daraktchieva, E. Goranova, M. Baleva

3. Composite materials

  • “Composite materials: Cost and weight optimization and manufacturing technology selection for minimum cost and risk” (invited talk)
    Ch. Kassapoglou
  • “Stress/strain measurements in advanced composite using spectroscopic methods” (invited talk)
    C. Galiotis
  • “Electrical and dielectric properties of metal filled polymers”
    H. Zois, L. Apekis, E. P. Mamunya, V. V. Davidenko
  • “Clay-polyvinylpyridine nanocomposites”
    G. Fournaris, D. Petridis
  • “Synthesis and characterization of iron containing MCM-41 porous silica using the exchange method of the template with iron salts”
    B. Bourlinos, D. Petridis

4. Polymers

  • “Polymer hydrogels for prosthetic implants. Morphology and properties” (invited talk)
    L. G_mez Ribelles
  • “Photonic nanostructured polymers: Control of morphology and its role to photonic properties” -abstract- (invited talk)
    G. Hadziioannou
  • “Development of a reliable molecular model for polypropylene”
    C. T. Samara, S. J. Antoniadis, D. N. Theodorou
  • “Electron irradiated poly(propylene-co-ethylene) / poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) blends probed by small angle X-ray scattering”
    M. Mihaylova, V. Krestev, M. Kresteva, I. Kushkiev
  • “Polyolefines/polypyrrole thin-layer-conducting materials:structure and properties”
    Z. Berdjane, D. R. Rueda, D. Benachour, F. J. Balt_ Calleja
  • “Comparative Raman study of the 1D and 2D polymeric phases of C60 under pressure”
    K.Arvanitidis, K. P. Meletov, K. Papagelis, A. Soltadov, K. Prassides, G. A. Kourouklis, S. Ves
  • “Plastic technology and applications in Zimbabwe”
    C. Sita

5. Catalysis

  • “Applications of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy in catalysis” (invited talk)
    S. Ladas
  • “An XPS and XAES study of gold growth on Yttria-stabilized Zr02 (100)”
    S. Zafeiratos, S. Kennou
  • “Photocatalytic treatment of olive milling waste water: oxidation of protocatechuic acid”
    H. Prohaska, D. Makri, I. Poulios
  • “Structure bonding, vibrations and stability of molecular molybdenum oxide clusters”
    A. C. Tsipis

6. Metals

  • “Atomistic simulation of radiation damage in metals” (invited talk)
    Y.. N. Osetsky, D. J. Bacon
  • “Mechanical alloying of Ti3Al and Ti powders”
    P. Kavouras, Th. Kehagias, Ph. Komninou, G. Nouet, G. Dimitrakopoulos, J. Antonopoulos, Th. Karakostas
  • “Qualitative and quantitative study of galvanized iron materials”
    G. Vourlias, E. Pavlidou, G. Stergioudis, E. Polychroniadis

7. Thin Films & Coatings

  • “Phase formation and coating deposition using energetic ions” (invited talk)
    J. P. Riviére
  • “Plasma deposition of large area protective coatings” (invited talk)
    L. Pranevicius, D. Milcius, J.-P. Riviere, C. Templier, P. Meheust
  • “A study of plasma sprayed carbide coatings”
    C. N. Panagopoulos, D. G. Bakogianni, P. E. Agathocleous, G. Kardaras
  • “The kinetics of sputtered deposited carbon on silicon: a phenomenological model”
    A. Galdikas, S. Logothetidis, P. Patsalas, M. Gioti, L. Pranevicious
  • “A comparative study of the nanoscratching behavior of amorphous carbon films grown under various deposition conditions”
    C. Charitidis, S. Logothetidis, M. Gioti

8. Surfaces – Interfaces & Lattice Dynamics

  • “Complex impurity dymanics in materials” (invited talk)
    S. T. Pantelides
  • “Complex simulation of interfaces” (invited talk)
    V. Pontiki
  • “Adatom migration in highly-ordered state of two-dimensional near 2/3-coverage triangular lattice. Theoretical description”
    V. Bondarenko

9. Other Applications

  • “Hydrogen absorption and deposition of Zr-Al alloys”
    C. N. Christodoulou, D. Niarchos, O. Kalogirou
  • “Optimization of Bi2Se3 single crystals for thermoelectric applications”
    Th. Kyratsi, E. Hatzikraniotis
  • “Electrochromic NiOx thin films, prepared by chemical deposition”
    M. Ristova, M. Ristov
  • “XPS, TEM and polarization studies of some polycomponent hydride-forming Zr-based alloys”
    Yo. M. Solonin, V. D. Dobrovolsky, V. V. Skorokhod, O. Z. Galiy, O. Yu. Khyzhun
  • “XPS, XES and XAS studies of the electronic structure of cubic, hexagonal and rhombohedrical phases in the Ta-C system”
    O. Yu. Khyzhun
  • “EPR studies on xV2O5(1-x)[PbO] glasses”
    I. Andreleanu, S. Filip, M. Botis

10. Synchrotron

  • “Application of Synchrotron radiation to materials research” (invited talk)
    W. Braun
  • “Gallium K-edge EXAFS measurements on cubic and hexagonal GaN”
    M. Katsikini, E. C. Paloura, J. Antonopoulos, T. D. Moustakas
  • “Nitrogen K-edge NEXAFS measurements on Group-III binary and ternary nitrides”
    M. Katsikini, E. C. Paloura, J. Antonopoulos, D. Korakakis, T. D.Moustakas