4th Panthellenic Logic Symposium – Extended Abstracts

July 7-10, 2003, Thessaloniki, Greece

N-id: 0972 Κατηγορία: Σελίδες: 200 Σχήμα: 17 x 24 Xρονολογία: 2003 ISBN: 960-431-859-4 Εκδόσεις: Εκδόσεις Ζήτη

Table of Contents


  • Dines Bjorner, Logics of formal software specification languages. The possible worlds cum domain problem
  • Jean-Louis Krivine, Curry-Howard correspondence and the axiom of dependent choice
  • Pavlos Peppas, Reasoning about change: The Frame Problem
  • Konstantinos Sagonas, Tabling for (constraint) logic programming
  • Ivan Soskov, Degree spectra and co-spectra of structures


  • William Demopoulos, Logicism: Its historical context and current prospects
  • Elias Koutsoupias, Algorithms for propositional satisfiability
  • Maurizio Lenzerini, Logic-based information integration
  • Alain Louveau, Borel and analytic equivalence relations


  • D. Bastiras, The logic of Herakleitos and the law of non-contradiction
  • N. Demetriou and A. Kakas, Argumentation with abduction
  • R. Diaconescu and P. Stefaneas, Modality in open institutions with concrete syntax
  • T. Dimitriou, On SAT distributions with planted assignments
  • E. Foustoucos and I. Guessarian, Complexity of monadic INF-DATALOG. Application to temporal logic
  • S. Gerogiorgakis, A contribution to the influences of the Diodorean modalities from the Middle Ages to the present
  • S. Ghilezan and S. Likavec, Extensions of the reducibility method
  • A. Kaporis and E. Lalas, Lower bounds to the conjectured threshold value for the 3-SAT problem
  • G. Kapoulas, Infinitesimals via the cofinite filter
  • D. Kavvadias and E. Stavropoulos, An algorithm for generating all maximal models of Boolean expressions
  • M. Kurilic and A. Pavlovic, An application of “Back and Forth” and PFA in topology
  • S. Nikoletseas, V. Papadopoulou and P. Spirakis, Radiocoloring graphs via the probabilistic method
  • N. Papaspyrou, D. Vytiniotis and V. Koutavas, Logic-enhanced type systems: Programming language support for reasoning about security and other program properties
  • T. Pheidas and X. Vidaux, Extensions of Büchi’s problem: Questions of decidability for addition and n-th powers
  • G. Popa, The boundary crossing theorem
  • N. Rigas, Conditionally partial lambda models and strong normalization
  • P. Rondogiannis and W. Wadge, A model intersection theorem for logic programming with negation-as-failure
  • B. Sobot, Ultraproducts of trees
  • A. Soskova, Cospectra of joint spectra of a sequence of structures
  • V. Sotirov, Leibnitz style arithmetization of some logical systems
  • S. Zachos and A. Pagourtzis, Combinatory complexity: Operators on complexity classes
  • A. Zinoviev, ITL as a language for regular relations