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1st International Conference in: Hypervalent Iodine


N-id: 0798 Κατηγορίες: , Σελίδες: 168 Σχήμα: 19,5 x 26,5 Xρονολογία: 2001

The ever expanding use of hypervalent iodine reagents in organic synthesis has made it imperative that workers involved in the field should come together. Such a gathering will give them the op-portunity, apart from the presentation of their latest results, for exchange of ideas, lively discussions about topics of mutual interest and hopefully the initiation of future collaborations. We are very happy that the 1st International Conference on Hypervalent Iodine is at last realized, with the participation of many distinguished chemists from Europe, the USA and Japan. We do hope that our expectations will be fullfilled and there will be many more conferences on the subject in the years to come. We should like to thank most sincerely the following:

  1. The Chemistry Department of the University of Thessaloniki which put under its aegis the Con-ference
  2. The Senate of the University of Thessaloniki for financial assistance
  3. The Research Committee of the University of Thessaloniki for financial assistance
  4. Mitsui Chemicals of Japan for financial assistance
  5. Tokyokasei Company of Japan for financial assistance
  6. Awakasei Company of Japan for financial assistance
  7. Simafex of France for financial assistance


  • Varvoglis:
    • Hypervalent iodine chemistry spanning three centuries: past, present, future
    • M. Ochiai: Nucleophilic vinylic substitutions of λ3-vinyliodanes
    • R. Margarita, G. Piancatelli: Hypervalent iodine-induced multi-component reactions: Functionalizations of π-systems and applications to the synthesis of biologically interesting compounds
    • T. Kitamura: Synthesis and reaction of hypervalent iodine-benzyne precursors
    • N. Yoneda, S. Hara, Y. Takashi, T. Fukuhara: Preparation of fluoro-organic compounds using hyper valence iodine fluorides
    • M. Mülbaier, S. Ficht, A. Giannis: Development of new and efficient polymer-supported hypervalent iodine reagents
    • D. D. DesMarteau, V. Montanari, B. Thomas, R. Martin, W. T. Pennington: Novel iodonium compounds for alkylation of bioactive compounds and as potential photoacids generators in microlithography
    • Witulski: N-Functionalised ynamides: synthesis via alkynyl iodonium salts and applications in transition metal catalysed cycloaddition reactions
    • Y. Kita: Development of novel reactions using hypervalent iodine(III) reagents and their application to natural product synthesis
    • K. S. Feldman, J. C. Saunders, M. L. Wrobleski, P. Mingo: Application of alkynyliodonium salt chemistry to natural products synthesis
    • Kirschning: Polymer-assisted solution phase synthesis using novel haloate(I) complexes
    • V. V. Zhdankin: Chemistry of benziodoxoles and benziodazoles
    • P. Dauban, R. H. Dodd: The use of alkyl- and arylsulfonyliminoiodinanes in inter- and intramolecular aziridination reactions
    • S. Quideau, L. Pouységu, M. Lebon, A.-M. Lamidey, M. Oxoby: Hypervalent iodine(III)-mediated activation of arenols in oxidative nucleophilic substitutions. Applications in natural product synthesis
    • Kotali: Oxidation of N-carbonylhydrazones of o-hydroxyaryl ketones and aldehydes with phenyliodoso diacetate
    • S. Spyroudis, N. Xanthopoulou, K. Palasantja: Ring contraction of 2-oxido-3-phenyliodonio-1,4-benzoquinones to cyclopent-4-ene-1,3-dione derivatives
    • J. Hayes, A. Wells, J.-B. Clement: Synthesis of lotrafiban by amination of diphenyliodonium hexafluoro phosphate with L-aspartic acid dimethylester
    • H.-J. Frohn, P. Barthen, F. Bailly, K. Koppe: Highly fluorinated alkyl-, alkenyl- and aryliodine difluorides: convenient substrates and their application in synthesis
    • J. K. Gallos, T. V. Koftis, Z. S. Massen, C. C. Dellios, I. T. Mourtzinos, E. Coutouli-Argyropoulou: Metal-catalyzed intramolecular cyclopropanations of sugar derived diazo compounds and iodonium ylides
    • N. Obeid, L. Skulski: One-pot procedures for preparing (dichloroiodo)arenes from arenes and diiodine, with chromium(VI) oxide as the oxidant
    • Kryska, L. Skulski: One-pot preparations of diaryliodonium bromides from iodoarenes and arenes, with sodium perborate as the oxidant
    • P. Kazmierczak, L. Skulski, Kraszkiewicz: Syntheses of (diacetoxyiodo)arenes or iodylarenes from iodoarenes with sodium periodate as the oxidant
    • T. Wirth, A. N. French: Chiral hypervalent iodine compounds in stereoselective synthesis
    • P. Kiprof: A theoretical study of molecular self-assembly of hypervalent iodine
    • E. A. Couladouros, V. I. Moutsos, E. N. Pitsinos: Diaryl iodonium salts in the synthesis of natural products. A general synthetic route towards bastadins
    • E. A. Couladouros, A. T. Strongilos: The use of hypervalent iodine reagents for the synthesis of p-naphthoquinone derivatives
  • Mihelakis, A. Varvoglis: A novel approach for the construction of the benzo[c]thiophene ring through alkynyl(phenyl)iodonium salts