The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Internation Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (isprs)

Volume XXXIV - Part 5 - Commission V

N-id: 0888 Κατηγορία: Σελίδες: 636 Σχήμα: 21 x 29 Xρονολογία: 2002 ISBN: ISSN 1682-1750 Εκδόσεις: Internation Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (isprs)

Proceedings of the isprs Commission V Symposium
Close-Range Imaging, Long-Range Vision
September, 2-6, 2002, Corfu, Greece

President’s Invitation

Every four years, the Commission V Symposium is one of the main events of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. And we feel very honored to host this event in Corfu in 2002.
Commission V follows a vertical approach developing theories, pursuing research and implementing it all, to a wide scientific spectrum of close-range Photogrammetry applications. This approach attracts the interest of many researchers, coming also from disciplines other than Photogrammetry, establishing thus Commission V as a market-place of ideas and a world-wide scientific forum for discussing research contributions and practical implementations.
We feel that the coming Symposium will be a focal point for both ISPRS and associated organizations, for the communication of ideas and research progress in interdisciplinary areas where close-range imaging is used for 3D scene reconstruction and visualization.
We picked the lovely Corfu, as the Symposium location. A mythical, fascinating island, unique in its kind in Greece, Odysseus’ last stop before arriving in Ithaca. We want to create a relaxing and friendly atmosphere to host this fruitful brainstorming. We are sure you are all going to enjoy it.
On behalf of the Organizing and Scientific Committes I wish to cordially invite each one of you to enjoy the Greek culture, to meet old and new colleagues and contribute to this special event.
Prof. Petros Patias

Technical Commission V: Close-Range Vision Techniques
President: Petros Patias, Greece
Secretary: Alexandra Kousoulakou, Greece

WGV/1: Automation for Vision Metrology Systems and Industrial Applications
Chair: Stuart Robson
Co-Chair: Thomas Luhmann

WGV/2: Scene Modelling and Virtual Reality
Chair: Sabry El-Hakim
Co-Chair: George Karras

WGV/3: Medical Image Analysis and Human Motion
Chair: Frank van den Heuvel
Co-Chair: Hans-Peter Meinzer

WGV/4: Image Analysis and Spatial Information Systems for Applications in Cultural Heritage
Chair: Hirofumi Chikatsu
Co-Chair: Gabriele Fangi

WGV/5: Quick Response and Distributed Computing for Close-Range Applications
Chair: Antony Stefanidis
Co-Chair: Vincent Tao

WGV/6: Visualization and Animation
Chair: Armin Gruen
Co-Chair: Shunji Murai

ICWG V/III: Image Sequence Analysis
Chair: Marc Pollefeys
Co-Chair: Guoqing Zhou