Spatial Planning Priorities in Southeast Europe

Preparing for action

N-id: 0691 Κατηγορία: Σελίδες: 32 Σχήμα: 22 x 30 Xρονολογία: 2000 ISBN: 960-431-667-2 Εκδόσεις: ESTIA - INTERREG IIC

The project “ESTIA-European Space and Territorial Integration Alternatives: Spatial development strategies and policy integration in SE Europe” was launched as a Greek initiative under the INTERREG IIC-CADSES operational programme. The ESTIA partnership is consisting of representative spatial planning institutions and experts from six SE European countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, FYR Macedonia, Romania and FR Yugoslavia.
The formation of a common framework for the coordination of spatial development policies constitutes the central idea of ESTIA. Within the context of such a unified perception, the area is expected to participate in a polycentric new and enlarged Europe as its southeast component. The elaboration of a comprehensive vision for the spatial development of SE Europe constitutes at the same time a dynamic orientation framework for national spatial planning priorities promoting their coordination and hence the reinforcement of spatial cohesion over the entire ESTIA space.

Joint statement on Spatial Planning Priorities and Spatial Integration in Southeast Europe
The ESTIA initiative
The specificity of the southeast European space
The objectives of spatial development
Strategic axes of spatial planning priorities
Conditions and prospects for spatial integration
MAPS/Chartographic illustrations
The ESTIA partnership