2nd International Conference on Hypervalent Iodine. Proceedings

N-id: 1226 Κατηγορίες: , Σελίδες: 100 Σχήμα: 19.5 x 21 Xρονολογία: 2006 Εκδόσεις: ΑΠΘ, Τμήμα Χημείας

Recent Debvelopments in Methodology and Applications | 1-2 June 2006


After 5 years, the 2nd International Conference on Hypervalent Iodine is taking place again, in Thessaloniki, Greece. We note with pleasure that the number of participants has been increased -a fact mirroring the continuing interest in the field worldwide. The quality of the contributions has also followed a parallel course: presently new methodologies are available whereas more insight is provided concerning the detailed procedures occurring during several reactions, some of which were unexpected and have enriched the mechanistic section of organic chemistry. In the same time theoretical calculations are more accessible contributing to an easier understanding and a more secure foresight of the outcome of reactions with complex substrates. Applications abound due to the many advantages of using hypervalent iodine reagents in the place of conventional reagents. Indeed, the fine chemicals industry provides several new compounds suitable not only for well-documented reaction pathways but also for further experimentation.
The Organizing Committee welcome all participants and wish to them a good stay in Thessaloniki and fruitful results in the near future from the attendance of the conference.


  • H.-J. Frohn, M. Hirschberg, C. Steinberg, A. Wenda
    The Substitution of Iodine-bonded Fluorine in Hypervalent Fluoroorganoiodine(III and V) Fluorides by Organic Groups: A Suitable Approach to Iodonium(III and V) Salts
  • A. Schulze, A. Giannis
    Oxidation of Alcohols with Catalytic Amounts of IBX
  • E. P. Gogonas, I. A. Nyxas, L. P. Hadjiarapoglou
    The Reaction of Phenyliodonium bis (arylsulfonyl)methylide with (E)-Chalcones: Electrophilic vs. Nucleophilic Attack?
  • S. Hara, M. Yoshida
    Stereoselective Synthesis of Fluoroalkenes Using Hypervalent Iodine Compounds
  • T. Kaiho
    Production and Application of Iodine
  • Y. Kita
    Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry: Synthesis of Biologically Important Natural Products Based on Green Chemistry
  • T. Kitamura, Md. D. Hossain
    Efficient Diacetoxylation of Iodoarenes by Using Potassium Peroxodisulfate and Sodium Perborate as Oxidant
  • A. Kotali, I. S. Lafazanis, P. A. Harris
    Phenyliodoso Diacetate Oxidation of Nitrogen Coumarino Derivatives
  • Y. Miki, S. Kobayashi, R. Fujita, T. Eda, K. Matsushita
    Synthesis of Pterocarpans by Oxidative Rearrangement of Alkoxychalcones with Phenyliodine(III) Bis(trifluoroacetate)
  • K. Miyamoto, Y. Nishi, M. Ochiai
    On the Thiazole Synthesis by Cyclocondensation of 1-Alkynyl (phenyl)-l3-iodanes with Thioureas and Thioamides
  • M. Ochiai
    Organo-l3-Iodanes versus l3</sup?-Bromanes
  • T. Okuyama
    Reactivity of Vinyl Iodonium/Iodane Substrates
  • B. Olofsson, V. K. Aggarwal
    Synthesis of Novel Heteroaryl Iodonium Salts and Enantioselective α-Arylation of Cyclohexanones
  • L. F. Silva, Jr, J. N. de Sousa, Jr, N. P. Lopes
    A Study on the Species Present in Solutions of Hypervalent Iodine(III) Reagents by Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry. Part II.
  • E. G. Bakalbassis, S. Spyroudis, E. Tsiotra
    DFT Calculations Solve a Long-lasting Problem Concerning the Mechanism for the Intramolecular Thermal Aryl Migration in Aryliodonium Ylides
  • S. Spyroudis, E. Malamidou-Xenikaki, M. Tsanakopoulou, H. Krautscheid
    Thermal Decomposition of Phenyliodonium Ylide of Lawsone Leads to New Compounds
  • N. Tada, K. Murai, S. Goto, M. Ochiai
    Synthesis, Characterization, and Reaction of Aliphatic Bromonium Ylides
  • I. Tellitu
    Novel Applications of the Hypervalent Iodine Reagent PIFA in the Synthesis of Nitrogen Containing Heterocycles
  • H. Togo
    New Approach to [Hydroxy(tosyloxy)iodo]arenes for Organic Synthesis
  • T. K. Page, S. Altermann, R. Richardson, T. Wirth
    Hypervalent Iodine Compounds in Stereoselective Synthesis
  • M. S. Yusubov, T. V. Funk, V. V. Zhdankin, A. Y. Koposov, T. Wirth
    New Synthetic Applications of (Diacetoxyiodo)benzene
  • V. V. Zhdankin
    Chemistry of Hypervalent Iodine Heterocycles and Pseudo-heterocycles
  • S. Quideau, A. Ozanne-Beaudenon
    SIBX-Mediated Oxidation of Sulfides into Sulfoxides