Design and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems

Third Aegean International Conference May 19-22, 2000, Tinos Island, Greece

N-id: 0767 Κατηγορία: Σελίδες: 360 Σχήμα: 17 x 24 Xρονολογία: 2001 Εκδόσεις: Εκδόσεις Ζήτη


  • M. Caramanis, H. Pan, and O. Anli
    “Is there a Trade off between Lean and Agile Manufacturing?
    A Supply Chain Investigation”

  • W.H.M. Zijm, G.-J. van Houtum and W. D. Rustenburg
    “Re-supply Strategies for General Two-echelon,
    Multi-indenture Maintenance Systems”

  • H. Tempelmeier
    “Supply Chain Planning with Advanced Planning Systems”

  • E. Iakovou
    “A New Framework for Supply Chain Management:
    Review, Concepts and Examples”

  • K. Zografos and Y. Salouras
    “Designing a DSS for Optimising Logistics Operations
    in an e-Commerce Environment”

  • G. Ioannou, G. Prastacos and G. Skintzi
    “Inventory Positioning in Single Product Supply Chains”

  • G. T. Tsoulfas and C. P. Pappis
    “Application of Environmental Principles to Reverse Supply Chains”

  • R. Gaonkar and N. Viswanadham
    “Collaborative Scheduling Model for Supply-Hub Management”

  • S. Daskalaki
    “Design of Supply Chains for Quick Response:
    The Case of the Apparel Industry”

  • K. Zografos and K. Androutsopoulos
    “A Heuristic Algorithm for Solving Large-Scale Bi-Objective
    Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows”

  • J. A. Buzacott
    “Modelling Teams and Workgroups in Manufacturing”

  • K. Hadj Youssef, Y. Dallery and C. Van Delft
    “Combining Make to Stock and Make to Order
    in a Multi-Product Manufacturing System”

  • J.-M. Bollon and M. Di Mascolo
    “Unified Formulation and Comparison of Pull Control Policies
    Using (min,+) Algebra”

  • R. Grubbström
    “On the Triple Algorithm for Optimal Dynamic Lotsizing”

  • G. Krieg and H. Kuhn
    “Analysis of Multi-Class Queueing Systems with Finite Buffers
    and Setup Times Using Decomposition Methods”

  • J. Mbihi, R. P. Malhamé and J. Sadr
    “On Two Decoupling Approximations in Transfer Lines and
    Their Application in the Control of a Stochastic Flow Shop”

  • G. Liberopoulos and S. Koukoumialos
    “Numerical Investigation of Tradeoffs in Production-Inventory
    Control Policies with Advance Demand Information”

  • M. I. Vidalis and C. Τ. Papadopoulos
    “A Heuristic Algorithm for the Buffer Allocation
    in Short Unreliable Production Lines”

  • L. Tsironis, N. Bilalis and V. Moustakis
    “Using Inductive Machine Learning to Support Quality Management”

  • T. Sawik
    “Scheduling of Printed Wiring Board Assembly in
    Surface Mount Technology Lines by Mixed Integer Programming”

  • V. Kouikoglou
    “An Efficient Discrete Event Model of Unreliable Production Lines”

  • F. A. Batzias, N. Nikolaou and A. Kakos
    “Design of Optimal Biogas Buffer Inventory
    in Waste Treatment Facilities”

  • G. Τagaras and Y. Nikolaidis
    “On the Performance of Alternative Adaptive Control Charts”

  • B. Tan
    “Options-Based Sourcing Strategies for Producers
    with Limited Capacity and Volatile Demand”

  • J. Geraghty and C. Heavey
    “A Review and Analysis of Horizontally Integrated
    Hybrid Production Control Strategies”

  • S. B. Gershwin, N. Maggio, A. Matta, T. Tolio and L. Werner
    “Analysis of Loop Networks by Decomposition”

  • E. Enginarlar, J. Li and S. Meerkov
    “A Potpourri on the Theme of Lean Buffering”

  • J. MacGregor Smith and L. Kerbache
    “Buffer Space Allocation in General Closed Finite Queuing Networks”

  • G. Allon, T. Ravin and R. Y. Rubinstein
    “Application of the Cross Entropy Method for
    Buffer Allocation Problem in Simulation Based Environment”

  • R. Levantesi, A. Matta and T. Tolio
    “A New Algorithm for Buffer Allocation in Production Lines”

  • J. Van der Wal
    “Threshold Subcontracting”

  • T. Kniker and M. Burman
    “Applications of Revenue Management to Manufacturing”

  • S. Yeralan and H. Emery
    “Distributed Manufacturing Systems Control”

  • S. Khanian and C. Heavey
    “Development of a Manufacturing Simulation Model
    Using Object Oriented Principles”

  • H. Ishikura and K. Hitomi
    “Analysis of the Recycling-Oriented Manufacturing Systems in Consideration
    of Energy Consumption and Cost in Manufacturing Process”

  • I. P. Tatsiopoulos N. Panayiotou and A. Rinn
    “A Reference Model for Production Planning in Metals Industry”